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School of Ministry

Calvary Residental Discipleship’s School of Ministry
  • One Year Live-in Program
  • Working one on one with students in the addiction’s program
  • Learning directly from the Pastor’s both from the pulpit and one on one
  • Learning trades from craftsman in the body
  • Time spent in the mission field

A lot of people talk about wanting to do ministry, but don’t truly understand ministry. Ministry is something you learn by doing, but need direction from God through the wisdom he has given to others. We offer a chance for this principal to be applied.

Calvary Chapel in Central Maine, has been a proven training ground for ministry. Men and women who have sat under the teaching of Ken Graves have gone out to establish ministries, that evidence the blessing of God. It’s more than just ministry, it’s discipleship. That’s why we offer the School of Ministry. The purpose of this school is to train men and women to be servants, developing needed tools so they may become effective in ministry. The educational style that occurs at Calvary more closely follows the process of discipleship that Jesus used with his disciples. Jesus spent time with the disciples and put them in situations where they had to reproduce the things He was teaching them. The disciples absorbed what He taught. They were at the center of the action. The teaching was totally integrated with real life. They watched His ministry and followed His example.

The School of Ministry focuses on teaching ministry skills through the participation in the ministry at Calvary Residental Discipleship Program. Seven Oaks Training Center for men and Blessed Hope for women. Seven Oaks and Blessed Hope are residential discipleship programs working with men and women having life controlling problems who are determined to find a way out of their bondage.

We also incorporate Bible classes as well as being feed the Word during our services and teaching the word to the students in our residential discipleship programs, which produce such a group of men and women so deeply committed to the Lord and to growing in their service for Him, like those who have graduated from the School of Ministry.

Sharing life together in Christ Jesus creates an exciting learning environment.
Are you or do you know of someone who needs this year of training to be better equipped? Please consider Calvary Residental Discipleship's School of Ministry.

Calvary Chapel School of Ministry

Calvary Chapel School of Ministry (CCSM) is located in Orrington, Maine, and is an outreach
ministry of Calvary Chapel of Central Maine. The vision of CCSM is to feed and equip God’s
people for service. Under the direction of Senior Pastor Ken Graves CCSM focuses on
teaching the Word of God line upon line, precept upon precept.

Each student is required to participate in chapel (that is Sunday and Wednesday Evening Bible
studies). Practical Ministry is a course designed to teach what it is to have the heart of a servant
while assisting with the needs at the campus, such as: landscaping, housekeeping, office skills,
bookstore, children’s ministry, etc.

Each student will have the opportunity to work alongside and disciple the men/women in the
Seven Oaks Training Center/Blessed Hope. Seven Oaks Training Center/Blessed Hope provides
in house rehabilitation for drug addicts, offering a Christ centered total cure and an ongoing
discipleship program for all who are involved in life-controlling substances. This is a great
opportunity for our students to really learn ministry.

This school is intended for serious-minded students sensing the Lord’s call upon their lives –
lives that as Christians will be challenged by a willingness to become true servants:

Jesus said,
“Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself,
And take up his cross, and follow me.”

Mark 8:342


Must have a valid drivers license.

A valid passport or at least having sent application away for their passport.

A nonrefundable $100.00 Book and Workbook fee upon acceptance to the school.

Housing will be able to provide Room and Board at our Seven Oaks Training Center (for men) and Blessed Hope (for women).

Missions Outreach Trips: The cost for the annual mission trip ranges from $1200 to $3000.


Upon graduation the student will be issued a diploma as a certificate of completion. We have
chosen not to issue degrees. We do not want the state or an accreditation board to tell us what
we can or cannot teach. One of the primary downfalls of Christian institutions of higher
education is the desire for worldly status. Our desire is to have students who want training to
serve the Lord, rather than to have the recognition of man. The proof of your ministry will be the
fruit in the lives of the people the Lord has you ministering to and that will be your credentials.




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